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The Art of Good Food, uses organic ingredients. Each product is designed to give you perfect homemade flavor, with the ease of having all of the ingredients together.  The rich and complex flavors in our mixes come from family tried and true recipes with a combination of carefully selected herbs, spices and other ingredients.  Each package contains ingredients for 10 or more generous servings.

By using organic ingredients, and healthy proportions, our products make meal preparation a little easier and healthier for busy families.  The costs is significantly less too, when compared to pre-cooked or canned soups and bread products.  Because you prepare it yourself, the flavor is outstanding and you get the satisfaction of those wonderful smells of baking and cooking coming from the kitchen.

SOUP MIXES:  When prepared as directed on the package, each soup is a hearty vegetarian meal (all soups are vegan and those without pasta or barley are also gluten free), if you prefer, meat of your choice can be added to all of the soups too. According to a magazine article, in a study by Tulane University on the Mediterranean diet, participants who included dried beans, peas, and lentils in their diet at least four times a week, lowered their heart disease risk by 22 percent. Wow! That’s a number that’s hard to ignore. Also, dry beans, peas, and lentils can lower artery–clogging LDL cholesterol and help to keep blood sugar on an even keel. We also suggest that you add a couple of tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our vegetarian soup mixes when you prepare them. Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only improves flavor, it has been proven to be a rich source of monounsaturated fats - the kind that boosts HDL (the good) and lowers LDL (the bad) cholesterol.

Finally, our soup products do not include salt. This greatly improves the cooking time for beans and allows you to add the amount of salt that suits your taste and dietary needs. Because we use many traditional herbs such as oregano, thyme, parsley and others which enhance the flavor of our soups, you may find that you need less salt.

Choose from our seven soup mixes:  Life's Good-Lentil Soup ~ Three Bears Black Bean ~ Snowy Mountain Chili ~ Kalispell Calico Soup ~ Glacier Park Pink Soup ~ Yellowstone Soup ~ Missoula Minestrone

BAKING MIXES:  Our baking mixes compliment our soups perfectly.  A meal of soup and Black Paddle Breadsticks or soup and Savory Herb Biscuits is a hearty winter meal that your family will look forward to.  Most people can't believe how easy it is to cook these bread products from our mixes and success is reported every time, even from the most inexperienced cooks.  We have added two sweet baking mixes as well.  Our Lemon Thyme Cookies are unusual and those who have tried them are totally mesmerized by their flavor and texture.  Snickerdoodle Muffins are a family favorite and a healthy muffin.  With the addition of oats, they become a little more heart healthy and the texture is moist and chewy.  These make great breakfast fair but also can be served warm as dessert, with or without ice cream.

Choose from our four baking mixes : Black Paddle Breadsticks ~ Savory Herb Biscuits ~ Lemon Thyme Cookies ~ Snickerdoodle Muffins


SALAD DRESSING/MARINADE MIXES:  Have you ever visited a little family run restaurant and had their house dressing?  One made right there in their kitchen from scratch - not one that came out of a jar or a mix.  I know it's rare to find these today, but with these mixes, you will experience the blast of full flavor that you have not experienced since you had home made dressing.  Home made dressings are thinner and they don't cling to your salad with great gooy-glops of gelatinous, flavorless soggyness like bottled dressings.  They are light and full of flavor.  You will find that you use less, and that means less calories and less cost.  We also have a reusable recycled-glass salad dressing bottle to make and serve your dressing and you don't need to get a new one and send the old one to the land fill every time it's empty.  Our dressings come in minimal, clear envelopes.   You will find recipes under the recipes tab for using the dressing mixes in various other ways - get creative!


Choose from our four salad dressing/marinade mixes: Shiitake-Sesame ~ Raspberry-Tarragon ~ Chile-Lime ~ Tuscany Garden


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