Product Storage

The dry beans and herbs, as well as the other ingredients that we use in our products are as fresh as we can possibly get. Of course crops only mature once a year. Beans and herbs including our finished product are best stored in a cool, dark area with moderate humidity. Stored as such, we like to say they are best used within a year... or two... or three. Nothing goes bad if they are stored longer under these conditions. The beans may dry out a little more and require more hydration or longer cooking. The herbs may mellow and lose a little of their flavor, but they remain totally safe and edible.  The same goes for our Dressing/Marinade Mixes. These are dry and may be stored for a long time.  The only exception to this is possibly the sesame seeds in the Shiitake-Sesame Mix and this is because Sesame Seeds contain a small amount of oil which could become rancid, but harmless over a long period of time.

Our baking mixes contain either dried yeast or baking powder which can lose their effect over time.  It is best to use these by the expiration date on the bottom of the package.

If you are putting up long term stores, it's always good to consider a variety of food. These mixes are far superior to storing canned goods and many are complete with only the addition of clean water and salt. They should remain viable and delicious for many years when stored in a cool location, in airtight containers, with the oxygen removed. This being said, it’s always better to rotate your stores over a 2-3 year period.

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